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Happiness- A feeling we need to understand


Happiness is a feeling. When you feel happy from the inside it automatically appears on your face, you start smiling, grin to the people passing by. Your amusing expressions give a straight forward message to others that you are happy and cheerful.

what is pleasure or happiness

Now it’s also not necessary that to look happy you always need to have a big smile typically a big one with the corners of the mouth turned up to the max and front teeth exposed. It’s a kind of feeling that cannot be forced on someone. If you’re a social animal than meeting new people gives you a certain kind of feeling which is what happiness is. It’s all about what makes you feel that way.


There is a very simple and sophisticated answer to this question.

“Just do things that make you happy” which will create you an automated smile on your face for the whole day which will also affect the people around you in good and a positive manner and when you see a little change in you also garner a smile on others face then you will have a sense of pleasure on yourself.

What is happiness in psychology? What's a word for happiness?

For instance, if a student who is always late to the class and never does the given assignment. Whom the teacher always scolded and asked to change himself, One day for a change he (PS: using ‘he’ because mostly boys do such things) came on time for the class and even did his assignments, the teacher, of course, felt happy for him as well as for himself thinking, at last, my words had some effect on someone which could change that person future and asked him to keep it up and continued the class.

On the other hand, that child also felt amused seeing his teacher who regularly scolded him was now appreciating him which will further motivate him. This is how happiness chain works. If you are happy then the people around you or somehow relating to you also feel happy and is one of the reasons for someone’s happiness will always make you feel more amusing.


5 Steps which will make you happy

  1. Pay your dues: 

    By paying your dues what I mean is to complete all the targets that you have set for yourself like if you are a student and your exams are on your head then you will be having a certain target of completing this much portion by the end of the day, so if you are working hard able to complete that target than a feeling of joy will always arise.


  2. Positivity:

    Try and be around people who send you positive vibes, who motivate you in the right direction and will always be on your side.

  3. Do what makes you feel happy:

    Often people do things which are to be done according to there parents or do similar things what others are doing which may make them happy for some time but not for long because that’s not their thing or forte which will eventually make them sad, so it’s really important to follow your passion which will create a sense of motive and if working in right direction things will fall in place for you and make you feel happy.

  4. State of mind: 

    Try and stay in a good state of mind or rather I will say in a peaceful mindset which will make you calm and will make you focus on your goal. Now you will ask who can we stay calm and peaceful, see there can be various ways, listen to soft and soothing music which has a literal meaning,  positive music, a lite hearted video, follow josh-talks or ted-talk videos.

  5. Be kind: 

    An act of kindness will always create a feel-good factor in you which will further result in a helpful person and will create a happy soul in you. you should further read some quotes relating to happiness and can it do to a person’s life and how can a person change when he feels happy from the core of there heart.

“Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst” -: I.S Chaudhary

“Speak less, do more and let the world guessing”   -:I.S Chaudhary

“On the Path of Success, you need to break the most Beautiful walls”-:I.S Chaudhary





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